A drunk driver causes a fire when he loses control and hits a truck in Alicante


A young man of 24 years has been arrested after impact with his car against a truck and burned and tested positive for alcohol. The accident occurred on the morning of Sunday at the roundabout Miriam Blasco in Alicante, when the vehicle collided with the truck that was parked. The driver has been brought to court for a crime against road safety.

The fire, which has been extinguished by firefighters of the Fire Prevention and Extinction and Rescue Service (SPEIS), originated this morning when the vehicle was hit by the truck, for reasons investigated by the local police unit in Alicante, according to municipal sources.

The SPEIS received the notice today at 6.30 am, and two full crews were moved to the scene with eight troops, along with the Attending Unit and several Local Police patrols as well as a Samu.

The Local Police cut the access to the traffic of the rotunda to place the two firemen's vehicles for more than two hours, leaving the Tram to circulate that it was not necessary to stop their traffic.

The Atestados Unit reported that the first investigations indicate that the vehicle lost control when accessing the rotunda impacting abruptly on the truck that was parked and causing the fire.

According to the SPEIS, the fire spread quickly from the vehicle to the truck, generating an extensive column of smoke from the flames, and the arrival of the troops quickly controlled the virulent fire with two water lines from two points to achieve extinction.

The Unit of Attempted has carried out the breathalyzer tests to the driver of the vehicle, a male of 24 years, giving positive, and has been brought to court for a crime against road safety.

Also, the driver has been treated at the site for minor injuries by the health services, although he has resigned to be transferred to a hospital center.

The fire department operation has intervened for more than an hour to extinguish the fire, preventing it from spreading to other vehicles and trucks parked.

Subsequently have been removed with a crane and cleaned the area of ​​the remains of the fire, according to the sources, who have indicated that after more than two hours the local police opened the roundabout traffic at 9 o'clock in the morning. . (tagsToTranslate) fire (t) car (t) stopped


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