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A dye and 8 tricks to dye your hair at home and look good on you | Showcase

by drbyos

After a first hint of allowing hairdressers to remain open during the state of alarm with the aim of serving people who cannot wash their hair alone at home, the Government finally decided that only the service of hairdressing at home. So, keep this slogan in mind and remember that you can contact the professionals who are available in your area so they can help you home (always taking extreme precautions).

If, anyway, you alone manage well to comb your hair and what you are looking for is to touch up roots or take a bath of color to renew your hair, do it with the best-rated dye on Amazon and these eight expert tricks that the stylist Eduardo Sánchez, director of Maison Eduardo Sánchez.

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1. Take an allergy test

Your scalp may be used to the dye used in your beauty salon, so especially if you’ve never dyed at home, start by testing the formula on a single lock in the nape area. “This way you will rule out an allergic reaction and you will also be able to see how it will turn out,” Eduardo explains.

2. Apply to unwashed hair

In this case, cleaning is not a plus: it is preferable that the hair has not been washed that day: “Clean hair makes the dye ‘grip’ less and is more sensitive to possible irritations,” he warns.

3. Prepare everything beforehand

Just like when you paint the walls of a room, there are areas to protect. “Wear old clothes and a towel that you don’t mind stains. Always apply it with gloves and put petroleum jelly on the contour of the face, ears, neck and nape: you will avoid spots and also irritations ”.

4. Choose a lighter shade

“Once applied, it is usually darker than it appeared on the color chart,” highlights Eduardo. “The best thing is to adjust as much as possible to the tone that is currently in the root and always choose a lighter tone.” It is important to appreciate that, normally, the lightest ones usually correspond to numerically superior tones: if the tone closest to your root is 4, you should opt for 5.

The Farmatint tint chosen by Amazon users is available at 10 shades and has gel texture to make it even easier to apply. In addition, it does not contain ammonia, parabens, silicones or paraffins, but a 97% natural plant ingredients top quality and solar filter to protect the hair fibers.

hair color

Buy for € 6.70 on Amazon

5. Respect the times set by the manufacturer

All dyes are accompanied by specific instructions that you must strictly follow. “Although it is often thought that leaving it longer will cover more, this is not the case. After the time that the manufacturer marks, it stops working and you will only be able to irritate the scalp ”, Eduardo warns.

6. Rinse it well

“After the time has elapsed, wash the hair and rinse very well until the water runs clear. Finish with warm or cold water to seal the cuticle and help the color settle, “advises Eduardo.

7. Pamper him more than usual

So that you do not suffer more than usual, follow the steps that your hairdresser would follow. Eduardo explains it: “Wring it out well with the towel and apply a medium mask to the ends, spreading it well with a barbed comb.”

8. Be patient

The results are not always immediate: “The final color is appreciated after a couple of days when the pigments are nuanced.”

Buy for € 6.70 on Amazon

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