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“A family has been sowing terror for many years”

On Saturday evening, a Grand-Leez resident received a hammer blow in the Bocage district of Éghezée (VIDEO).

▶▶ “He was called ‘killed’,” testified a local resident who warned us via the “Alert Us” button on our Sudinfo site. Here is what happened. The victim will unfortunately remain disabled for life.

▶▶ Since Saturday night, there has been a great deal of excitement in the Bocage district. Fear above all. “Over the years, a family has spread terror. “We know more about the aggressor and his entourage.

▶▶ Neighbors are asking for the family to be evicted, but this is not easy … Mayor Eghezée Rudy Delhaise and the director of social housing company Nicolas Grommersch react.

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