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A former Scotland Yard policeman fashioned against London gangsters in the 60’s in “Inspector George Gently”

Inspector Gentley and young police officer Bacchus during an investigation PHOTO: Epic Drama

Britain in 1964 – a time when the border between the police and the criminal world is becoming increasingly blurred, the drug boom is beginning to change its political face, British youth are on the brink of social and sexual revolution, and the death penalty is. always apply.

At the same time, Inspector George Gentley is one of the few fashionable men in Scotland Yard with a sense of public duty that is increasingly rare in the police force, where powerful corruption rules.

This is the plot of the BBC English series “Inspector George Gentle”, based on a series of books by Alan Hunter. The lead role is played by English actor Martin Shaw, known for his role as Professional and Judge John Deed.

Gentle has a notable reputation as a relentless pursuer of London gangsters in the 1960s, including Joe Webster (played by Phil Davis, Bleak House). However, after the murder of his wife Isabella, the famous chief inspector worked in the dramatic landscape of Northumberland, where the rugged hills meet the lakes.

Slowly seeking some peace of mind, but is killed by a young motorcyclist, part of the Northumberland drug distribution network. The inspector noticed Webster’s “handwriting” and insisted on receiving the case, believing it was the last one he was working on.

Attached to Gentley is young Sergeant Bacchus (played by Lee Ingleby, The Street), enthusiastic and insecure about his meeting with the legendary detective. Gradually, during the investigation, Gentley realized that he could not abandon his profession.

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The first season of the series includes three 90-minute episodes, each dedicated to a separate case. The action took place in 1964, when the death penalty was still a reality in Britain. Its abolition in 1965 was noted in these series, where the scheme was transferred in 1970.

In the second season, Slowly and Bacchus, among other crimes, have to deal with prostitution, rape, local corruption, racism and pedophilia.

In England since the early 1960’s, society has been on the brink of change. Homosexuality, abortion, and even prescribing the “pill” to unmarried women are illegal, but the first strip clubs and the Beatles will soon appear. Men must be law-abiding in a society where the values ​​of the good old days are in conflict with the new ones and the generations at war with each other. The series provides a fascinating picture of the difficulties that the police overcame in the 1960s in investigating and solving crimes without the aid of modern technology.

Season premiere The drama season has a double episode on May 7 at 20.30. The second season of 4 episodes begins May 14 at 8:30 p.m.

Rehearsals are Monday and Tuesday from 7:45 p.m.

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