A friend of “Bohdalka” about their relationship: Eternal disputes over orgasm

It is said that they met once in the thirties of Jirka Pomeje, but they were really to get to know each other better on the trip of Amphora to Dubai. Since then, according to the entrepreneurs, they are still close, although the traditional model of a partnership Ĺubomír Focko did not confirm. “We are very happy, we are very happy together, but don’t look for anything else in it. But as a woman, I’ve liked it since I was a child, she was the kind of smiling, energetic woman I like, “he admitted straight.

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In communication, however, they do not avoid even very intimate topics. Due to the issue of feigned female orgasms, they are said to be in constant trouble. “So far, we haven’t agreed on the issue of orgasm in women – I don’t know, I have no experience of how actresses excel in this field, but I don’t think even the best star is able to play this piece in a way that a man doesn’t recognize. Whoever wants what he wants, that’s right. Jiřinka claims that every woman is able to play it, but I oppose her. In short, I have to continue to convince her of my truth, “according to Blesk.cz, the only weak point of their friendship was revealed by the entrepreneur Focko.

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