A high Pentagon official fell ill with Covid-19 after a meeting with the Lithuanian Minister of Defense

The test of the US Deputy Secretary of Defense, retired General Anthony Teith, who took office last week, was tested with information about Karobl’s infection.

The Lithuanian Minister of Defense returned from the United States this week, where he signed an agreement on the purchase of four Black Hawk helicopters last Friday. He was diagnosed with a coronavirus on Thursday.

As the representative of the Minister Vita Ramanauskaite has previously informed the news agency BNS, Karoblis is self-contained, he feels good and he has no symptoms of the disease.

Anthony Tate and several other senior U.S. defense officials, including Acting Christopher Miller, met with Caroble last Friday or this Monday. The Pentagon is currently finding out who the Lithuanian delegation has contacted, and these people are undergoing rapid Covid-19 testing.

On Wednesday, Miller and several other high-ranking officials, along with members of the media, visited Fort Bruges military base in North Carolina, where they met with base commanders and soldiers, and then visited the Virginia coast aircraft carrier Gerald R. Ford, according to video footage of the meeting. and wrestle with the people, and meet the sailors on board.

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