Thursday, 15 Nov 2018

A hot couple filmed "having sex" & # 39; while monopolizing the central lane of a highway

An impassioned couple who has been caught kissing while walking through a central lane may be denied access to the road.

A video showing the man and woman caught in the throes of passion while driving on a highway near Madrid, Spain, appeared online, and the police have now been able to trace the couple in love.

The explicit sequence, filmed from a passing car, shows the woman pretending to have sex with the man.

According to reports, after the broadcast of the clip on social media, agents were able to identify the driver and make him confess the thoughtless act, as well as give them the name of his partner.

The images were found on social media and the police have since been able to identify the hot couple

The driver would face a two-year ban and a fine if convicted.

The unidentified driver, originally from Madrid, was reportedly warned that he would be banned from the roads for up to two years and sentenced to a fine of £ 440 when he was convicted of imprudent driving in court.

The incident took place on September 15 but the police just identified the couple.

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