Saturday, 17 Nov 2018

A hug and a wink from Rahul Gandhi’s Friday show

With a hug and a wink, Congress President Rahul Gandhi entered Prime Minister Narendra Modi's office and turned the debate on Friday's motion for censure into a political blockbuster on television screens. For a while, the prime minister looked surprised, before recovering from Gandhi's embrace in a house that had been Modi's undisputed stage, where Gandhi was known only for making his own. The overwhelming opinion was that Gandhi took a leaf out of Modi & # 39; s book.

Politicians plan their actions, but what stood out in Gandhi's case was his near-perfect execution of a prime minister who embraced many presidents and prime ministers. Congress and other opposition camps became cheering, even as BJP camps emitted mixed feelings.

Before crossing the fountain to the Prime Minister's residence, Gandhi finished his speech in bloom. Looking at the Prime Minister, he said, "You can berate me, you can call me Pappu, but I have no hatred for you … You may think I have a lot of hatred for the BJP and PM modes, but the truth is, I'm grateful to them.BJP, RSS and PM Modi have helped me understand what it means to be in Congress, what it means to be an Indian, what it means to be a Hindu and a Shiv Bhakt I will take that hatred from you and turn it into love, I am the congress. "

Then came the hug. Prime Minister Rajnath Singh sat next to Modi and cut off his smile. One seat away, LK Advani tried to keep a straight face, half of it covered by his hand. BJP ministers and MPs standing in the back rows looked perplexed, even as the opposition benches cheered. The PM soon recovered, recalling Gandhi and patting him on the back while grinning a smile.

Gandhi's act recalled an "order-breaking" offense during a press conference during the UPA days. While this passed to him and the Manmohan Singh regime, his Friday show voted Modi's dramatic acts – such as touching Parliament's footsteps after his victory in 2014 and crying after his election as Prime Minister – that cast a spell on Parliament. Gandhi, on the other hand, was accused of having slept in the house, being asked for absenteeism, and mocked when in 2008 during the vote of confidence he tried to expose the difficulties of Kalavati, a widow in Vidarbha.

The fact that Gandhi was prepared on Friday was reflected in his uncharacteristic "sharp shooting": "The prime minister smiles, but there is a touch of nervousness, he looks away and can not look me in the eye." The Prime Minister can not be truthful I understand, "he said, causing a laugh. "The difference between us and PM and Amit Shah is that we are ready to lose power, and the prime minister and the BJP president can not afford to lose power because if they do, other lawsuits will be taken they start, and the PM and BJP president acts out of fear that seizes the nation. "

Gandhi continued to annoy his opponents, saying, "Even BJP MPs, including an Akali Dal woman leader, admired my speech, and the united opposition and some of you will defeat Modiji."

Rahul Gandhi's image began with his trip to the University of California, Berkeley, followed by impressive campaigns in Gujarat and Karnataka.

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