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A large asteroid is rapidly approaching Earth … video

Agency announced NASA The spacecraft has just been spotted by a massive asteroid, which is moving rapidly toward Earth’s orbit, indicating a potential danger.

According to “World Today”, the asteroid “or2 1998” is moving very quickly towards the planet, and researchers believe that the approach of that asteroid does not bode well at all.

The researchers pointed out earlier in March that on April 29, the asteroid will be very clear and well visible, because it will be 6 million km away from Earth and be able to depict it more clearly.

It is worth noting that researchers at NASA were able to photograph that asteroid 10 million miles away from Earth, and the diameter of that asteroid is about 3 km, and it is the largest object that will pass in the history of space near the Earth, so all previous asteroids did not exceed the size of 100 Meters, and NASA explains that that particular asteroid poses a major risk because of its large size.

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