A large asteroid will pass close to Earth this Monday

Nasa’s Program for Near-Earth Object Observations (known by its acronym in English NEO) reported that an asteroid between 52 and 120 meters in diameter will approach our planet this Monday, September 14.

Known as 2020 QL2, the special rock will pass through Earth at a approximate speed of 38,000 kilometers per hour and at a minimum distance of 0.046 astronomical units, which is equivalent to about 6.8 million kilometers.

According to NASA calculations, 2020 QL2 will once again pass our planet at least nine more times in the next two decades. In September 2044 it will make its closest approach to just 374,000 kilometers.

2020 QL2 is not the only asteroid approaching our planet. Two other small celestial bodies, 2020 RF3 and 2020 RD4, with an average diameter of no more than 10 meters, will pass only 94,246 and 106,214 kilometers away from Earth, respectively, according to published ElUniversal.

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