A large majority of voters fear a dismantling of the EU within 20 years


This is yet another proof of the disenchantment that governs today the mood of voters as to the future of European integration. According to a new survey conducted by the British institute YouGov and published Thursday, May 16 by the European Council for International Relations (ECFR), citizens called to go to the polls, between May 23 and May 26, would have morale at half-mast one week before the vote.

Shaken by the upheavals of an interminable Brexit, a large majority of them do not exclude the possibility of a "Dismantling" of the European Union (EU) in the next ten to twenty years. And the French are running in the lead: they are 58% to estimate this hypothesis " very probable " or "Pretty likely", practically neck and neck with the Italians and Poles (57%), and far ahead of the Germans (50%) and Spaniards, at the bottom of the ranking, with 40% of respondents relying on the same scenario.

European elections: towards a "kingmaker" centrist alliance in Parliament?

According to the survey – whose name, Seven days to save the European Union, testifies to the will of the think tank to conduct a real battle of opinion to reassure a "Silent majority" and abstinent – this generalized anxiety is multifaceted. Anxiety linked to the fall in purchasing power, rising unemployment, housing prices … "This feeling of precariousness is first and foremost an important economic dimension", can we read in the report"In almost every country surveyed, a majority of people feel that their children's lives are worse than theirs."


"France is among the most skeptical member countries: 79% of them believe that the national political system no longer works, like the European one", explains to The cross Susi Dennison, Europe Power Director at ECFR and co-author of the report. "However, two-thirds of Europeans maintain a positive image of the EU, according to the Eurobarometer, and this is the highest score since 1983", She tempers.

From a geopolitical point of view, "Europeans are worried about the volatility of the international situation, especially the uncertainty in relations between the EU and the United States, China and Russia", tip the investigation. According to this, only 8% of the 50,000 surveyed (1) believe that such a collapse of the EU "Would not be a real loss".

More alarmingly, three out of ten voters fear the resurgence, in the future, of a risk of war between the member countries, even if the European construction remains largely perceived as a "Peace project". They are thus 38% in total to judge this possibility "Realistic" against 36% opposed opinions and 20% without opinion.

European elections, which motivates the vote of the French

"For these individuals, the reality of contemporary Europe is that of competition rather than cooperation. They do not necessarily think that war will break out tomorrow, but that there is a logic of conflict in a deeply divided continent ", observes the report. A perspective that would then push them in three directions; towards a disconnection with the political system, an abstention at the next European election, or an adhesion to Eurosceptic formations.

"Battle Plan"

What could be the battle plan to reassure voters? "The challenge for traditional pro-European parties is now to reconnect with those two-thirds of voters who still believe that the European project is a good thing, but who think that the system no longer works", concludes Susi Dennison, " they will have to convince them that it is worth voting, keeping in mind the issues that concern them for the future ".

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