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A look at the details

Ein superlative notebooks. A Macbook has never had such a large display. Never been so fast, and a full-featured Macbook has never been so expensive. We tried the new Macbook Pro 16 for a while. It is the successor to the 15-inch models and is differentiated from the 13-inch Pro. This large Macbook is not a device that frequent travelers choose for their mobile work. With a weight of two kilograms and dimensions of 35.8 × 24.6 × 1.6 centimeters, it is probably more intended for stationary use, and we did not want to hold it on the thighs either.

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Design, design and the milled aluminum housing come as no surprise and follow the guidelines of Apple. Build quality and stability are outstanding, even with weeks there were no problems with fingerprints. Compared to the older 15-inch Macbook, the display now comes a little closer to the edge of the case, it has a lush resolution of 3072 × 1920 pixels and a pixel density of 226 dpi. So that’s a total of 5.9 million pixels, a record for Apple notebooks.

The display, which can be opened up to 135 degrees, offers Apple’s so-called True Tone technology, which automatically adjusts the color and intensity to the ambient light, which is a plus, especially in the evening when the lighting is cozy. The maximum brightness of 500 nits is a decent value, but not outstanding. The unfortunately reflective display shows the extended DCI-P3 color space and has to fit with a color depth of 10 bit, for this you need an external monitor. The refresh rate can be varied in the system settings. This way, flickering effects in videos can be avoided if the film material works at a different frame rate than the display. Finally, a lavishly large ad, that’s our conclusion. With more space, you can arrange your content better – or open a third window for the television program in the evening with open e-mail and Word.

The new keyboard, it works again with a scissor mechanism.

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One of the most important innovations for all Macbook fans is the new keyboard, which now works again with a scissor mechanism. The butterfly technology used up to now was controversial because of its short stroke and problems with penetrating crumbs and dust. Now the old technology is back, the hub is growing again, which frequent writers will welcome.

The power button is set off from the function key bar, called Apple Touch Bar, as well as the independent escape key, and the power button is the biometric fingerprint scanner that works best. The huge trackpad also gets a first-class rating, measuring 16 × 10 centimeters. The mouse control is precise and almost perfect. No Windows device comes here.


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