A loud bang heard in several Brussels municipalities: what happened

A boom was heard in several towns this morning.

Phad before 11 a.m., many messages flourished on social networks. Several Brussels residents, in different municipalities, had heard a loud bang. Residents said their windows, and sometimes even their walls, vibrated.

According to the Dilbeek police, contacted by our colleges of the Flemish newspaper The last news, it is about an F-16 which crossed the sound barrier. “A plane had lost contact with the control tower in Zaventem”, confirmed, at Skeyes, the Belgian air operator, Audrey Derigo. “In those cases, the procedure is to send F-16s. They had to take off at supersonic speed to catch up with the plane.

On the Belgian air force’s Twitter account, we can read that they were 36,000 feet (12,000 meters) above sea level when they passed the sound barrier.


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