A man indicted for the murder of his ex-mother-in-law with a hammer


A gendarmerie car. Drawing. – F. Lodi – Sipa

A 28-year-old man was indicted and imprisoned on Saturday for the murder of the mother of his former partner, a 55-year-old woman found dead Monday at her home in Rogny-les-Sept-Ecluses (Yonne), announced the parquet floor.

In custody on Friday, the man "said he went to the victim in the early evening (Monday), with a hammer to attack her husband," said in a statement the prosecutor of the Republic of Auxerre, Sophie Macquart-Moulin. "However, he would have found the victim alone in the house and would have hit him several times with the hammer, the victim having previously sought to disarm the tool," said the prosecutor.

"Unclear explanations of the reasons for his resentment"

The alleged perpetrator, former companion of the daughter of the victim from whom he was recently separated, then fled for three days before returning to his parents' home in the Loiret a few kilometers away. Regarding the mobile, "the mis en cause gave unclear explanations on the reasons for his resentment towards the victim and her husband," said the prosecutor's statement.

"Without profession, the mis en cause was the subject of only one conviction in court in 2013, for driving after use of narcotics," said the same source. The victim was found at home with traces of violent blows to the face. The investigation, opened for voluntary homicide, had been entrusted to the research section of the gendarmerie of Dijon and the research brigade of Auxerre.

An autopsy confirmed that the blows were the cause of death and a hammer was found. Her husband, a 52-year-old man, was first taken into custody before being released after telling the investigators that he was away from home for a short time and discovered the body when he returned.


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