A man surrenders to the Civil Guard after murdering his partner in Burgos



The aggressor was already arrested in 2011 for sexist violence and was released. Last week, there was a fire in the house that both occupied in Salas de los Infantes


Civil Guard technicians work in the back of the house of Salas de los Infantes (Burgos) where the murder occurred.
Santi OteroEFE

A woman of 28 years has died this morning after being stabbed with a knife, in a house in the town of BurgosSalas de los Infantes, for his "stable partner", of 39; there were no previous reports of ill-treatment, although the man was arrested in 2011 for sexist violence and was released.

The sub-delegate of the Government inBurgos,Pedro de la Fuente, explained at a press conference that the man, of nationality blgara as the victim, and with two minor children who were not at that time in the town, has voluntarily surrendered to the Civil Guard and has recognized the facts, without know the circumstances that led to the crime.

The couple, according to the neighbors and the Civil Guard, was perfectly integrated in Salas de los Infantes, a place where they have lived for several years, and both had jobs, although in 2011 there was something between them that the sub-delegate of the Government has qualified of "conatus of gender violence".

The woman did not report it and did not activate the corresponding protocol, explained De la Fuente, who has not wanted to provide more information about that fact to be the case under secrecy of summary.

About that violent episode occurred in 2011, sources of the investigation have detailed to Efe that the woman went to the Civil Guard, where she informed the agents that she had been attacked, reason why the protocol of macho violence was initiated and she was transferred to a health center for evaluation.

Once it was attended to, the victim decided not to report her partner to the Civil Guard, although the agents opened an office and detained the same man, who was placed at the disposal of the courts and subsequently released.

He was a substitute in the PP list

The murdered woman this morning occupied the position of substitute in the municipal candidacy with which the PP concurred in the past elections in Salas de los Infantes and works in a village supermarket.

As for his partner, he worked in a sporadic manner for the town council, according to local sources.

The macho crime, the 50 that occurs inCastilla and Lensince its registration began in 2003, the second of this year in the Community and the twenty-eighth in Spain, it has provoked the unanimous rejection of parties and institutions, with the declaration of three days of mourning on the part of theHall of Salas, who has also convened a concentration for this afternoon.

They investigate a fire in the house

The sub-delegate of the Government has also reported that a few days ago, on June 28, there was a fire in the house in which today the machista crime has taken place, and now it is analyzed after what happened as "nothing made one think that could be related to a case of gender violence. "

After the fire of the house, the woman went to live with the two sons to the Soriano municipality ofSan Leonardo de Yage, so one of the aspects of the investigation is now focused on finding out why today he was in the house burned down in Salas de los Infantes.

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