August 25, 2019

Newsy Today

A man wakes up after five years in a coma in front of the only person who did not leave his side

A man of Chinese nationality has regained consciousness after a coma that has had him more than five years bedridden in a hospital in the province of Hubei, a long time in which his wife has not separated from his side .

According to Daily Mail, official reports indicate that Li Zhihua was hit by a motorcycle in August 2013. The event caused serious brain injuries and plunged him into a vegetative state. His wife became his only caregiver: he spent more than twenty hours with him and dedicated only a couple of them to rest.

More than 40,000 hours. That was the time Zhang Guihuan spent beside her husband. Day after day, he stayed by his bed to talk long hours with him, play the songs he liked and expect a quick improvement of his serious condition. The wife slept only two or three hours a day and took care of her husband in every possible way. As a result, he lost 10 kilograms in that period of time.

"These things were very useful for stimulating your nervous system," said Dr. Wan Qing’an. Movements, small daily actions, gestures … The medical team of the center assured that the woman had taught her everything without any complaint.

According to the specialist, the man knew everything that was happening around him although he could not articulate a word. Zhihua continues to be hospitalized to undergo recovery treatment.

Guihuan refused to accept the diagnosis of doctors who claimed that her husband could be in a permanent vegetative state. Perhaps this fact, added to the deep love for him, were those that caused the first thing he said to wake up to be: "Wife, I love you!" .