A military camp attacked 72 hours after a high-risk election

Guinea: A military camp attacked 72 hours before a high-risk election
At 72 hours before the presidential election in Guinea, tension is at its height in the country and confusion begins to set in.

Indeed, this Friday, since two o’clock in the morning, heavy gunfire has been heard in Kindia, a city located 135 kilometers from Conakry, which houses a large military camp.

Sources indicate that a senior officer in the camp was killed. It would be Colonel Mamady Condé, the commander of the Sarmorea camp. He was reportedly murdered around 2 a.m.

A situation which plunges the local populations into concern. This morning, the inhabitants of the “Citrus City” woke up with fear in their stomachs.

For the moment, no information from the government side has filtered out on the causes of these heavy shootings, or even the identity of their perpetrators.

Author: Mamadou Samba Barry (correspondent) Conakry – Seneweb.com


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