A minibus based on a new generation LADA 4×4 is shown

The Ulyanovsk “beskapotnik” will remain out of work if AvtoVAZ hurries.

UAZ “Bukhanka” – one of the most controversial Russian cars, because on the one hand, they taunt him because of his “antiquity” and a lot of shortcomings. And on the other hand, the demand for the car is stable, it is in demand and there are reasons for this.

Sales of “Loafs” due to availability, unpretentiousness, “omnivorous” and off-road characteristics. Also, the car is easy to maintain and is repaired on the knee, which also makes it popular in Russia. In addition, the Ulyanovsk “beskapotnik” no competitor.

The Russian car market offers cars of a similar format, but all of them are foreign, and not so utilitarian. In addition, their price is at least twice as high. The only car that UAZ Bukhanka can “compete with” is the LADA 4×4 in van modifications that AvtoVAZ does not. The question begs: “Why does the Togliatti auto giant not release ‘bonnetless’”?

There is no definite answer to this question, but there is an understanding of the car. The portal Versiya.info shows a minibus based on the new generation LADA 4×4. The virtual prototype is an off-road van, and allows us to understand what the Togliatti “bonnet-free” might look like, which could compete with the “Loaf”, as well as with foreign LCVs that occupied the Russian market. And it’s worth saying that the appearance of the “Vision Concept” was not randomly selected.

LADA 4×4 Vision Concept debuted two years ago, making hype and inspiring motorists with the hope that AvtoVAZ will finally release a new SUV instead of the old and bored Niva. However, the concept still has not received serial implementation, the public asks the manufacturer to fix it and release Vision Concept in at least some form, and therefore we decided to portray it in the most unexpected way for him and are sure that if they don’t bend it in Tolyatti the price of a minibus, and will release it in the coming years, then the UAZ “Loaf” will not survive this.


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