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a mother testifies, “I am really disgusted…”

It is a sordid affair of morals which was revealed by two mothers on Monday. As she was going to the Kain sports hall to follow her basketball training, Emilie (first name), 10 years old, decides to change in the toilets.

There, she had no choice but to borrow the only one still available. But she couldn’t imagine the reason… “She came downstairs after getting dressed and she told us that she thought she saw a phone screen behind a small poster stuck on the bathroom door. Looking more closely, she saw that a hole had been made and that there was indeed a goal behind it, ”explains the mother.

►► She testifies: “I decided to go and check for myself.. when we opened the door, there was no longer any doubt for us”

►► This mother had already had suspicions with regard to this man whom she rubbed shoulders with frequently.

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