A NASA mission led by the Moroccan Kamal Oudrhiri rewarded

In a statement to la MAP, Mr. Oudghiri, project and mission leader said that the team of the “Cold Atom Lab” (COL) received the 2020 AIAA space science award for “having developed and delivered the highly innovative Cold Atom Laboratory to the ‘International Space Agency as well as for its fundamental scientific achievements’.

Honored with this distinction, he congratulated all of those who helped design, build and successfully operate this very first quantum physics laboratory in space. “The Cold Atom Lab project depends on the work of an entire team and the commitment to excellence of all those involved in this high-tech lab with the goal of fostering great science that expands our understanding of Earth. and the universe around us, ”he added.

In service at NASA for twenty years, the Moroccan scientist took an active part in multiple missions, in particular those related to the exploration machines of Mars, namely “Curiosity”, “Rovers”, “Spirit” and “Opportunity”, including the international missions “Cassini” for the planet Saturn, “Grail” for the moon and “Juno” for Jupiter.

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