a neighbor did not hesitate to throw himself on the armed individual, “I jumped on him because he was ready to slaughter his ex-wife”

Boldness, coolness and above all a lot of courage. This is surely what made it possible for the mother of a Malaysian family not to be killed by the stab wounds of her ex-husband. Without the intervention of one of its neighbors, she surely wouldn’t have made it.

Indeed, one of his neighbors who lives a few houses away did not hesitate for a single second. to jump on the man who carried a bladed weapon in an attempt to stop him. “I was at home, in my garden. I heard a young girl scream and then I saw my neighbor who was crossing the street screaming, pursued by her ex-husband armed with a knife … “

►► Neither one nor two, this neighbor decides to run to the victim to help him.

►► “I jumped on the man and told him not to touch me with his knife”: he delivers a chilling testimony.


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