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A Netflix subscription dedicated to video games could see the light of day

Netflix would seek to create a catalog of video games accessible by subscription and which would be added as an option to its already existing SVoD platform.


Netflix // Source: Thibault Penin on Unsplash

With the rise of streaming gaming platforms like Google Stadia or Microsoft’s xCloud project, the formula ” Video game netflix Has been used many times. Too many times even, to the point that this overused expression does not mean much.

Yet it may well be that it will come back into fashion. Indeed, according to sources from The Information, Netflix would seek to invest more in the video game market. To do this, the American giant would like to hire a person to take the head of this initiative. In this regard, the firm has already approached the biggest names in the industry to take the pulse.

A Netflix subscription with Apple Arcade sauce

In other words, it could be that in the future Netflix will offer a catalog of video games in addition to the already well-stocked one of series and films. According to The Information, Netflix would imagine a paid formula to which the user could subscribe in addition to his classic subscription. A model similar to Apple Arcade would be considered.

Remember that Netflix has already tried a little video game experiences. The episode Bandersnatch from the Serie Black Mirror has for example been very publicized for the interactive story it offers. In addition, Netflix has also already created two games based on flagship franchises in its catalog: Stranger ThingsandThe Money Heist.

The whole project remains rather vague for the moment and it will undoubtedly be necessary for us to wait still a long time before to learn more about it. But in short, the real “video game Netflix” could therefore come from Netflix itself.

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