A new blackout in Venezuela leaves Caracas and a dozen other states without power




Several areas of Caracas and a dozen other Venezuelan states have run out of light this Friday, numerous users reported on social networks, although the state energy company only recognizes breakdowns in specific developments in the capital and the neighboring state of Miranda. Citizens of the states of Anzoátegui, Barinas, Cojedes, Lara, Aragua, Miranda, Falcón, Nueva Esparta, Táchira and Zulia, among others, reported blackouts.

In the case of Caracas, the fall of the electric service occurred at 15.00 local time (19.00 GMT) in urbanizations such as El Cafetal, El Rosal, Chacao, Alta Florida, Las Mercedes and Los Dos Caminos, all in the east of the capital, According to the complaints. The Caracas Metro, meanwhile, reported that the three subway lines "are lending commercial service with total normality».

Former presidential candidate Henrique Capriles said that after a strong fluctuation of energy "half Caracas and at least 15 states (are) without light", he added that in the case of the state of Falcón (north) citizens do not enjoy the service «since last night». According to Capriles, the failures "of these last days are evidence that they have not resolved the electrical crisis."

In the state of Zulia, close to Colombia and one of the hardest hit by the crisis that is going through Venezuela, this Friday's power outage exceeds five hours. Deputy Juan Pablo Guanipa He pointed out that Maracaibo, the capital of Zulia, "is completely blackout again."

"In addition to the criminal rationing to which the Zulian is subjected, another new blackout is produced by the ruin in which these scoundrels have left the scoundrels, corrupt and criminals," he added. The power outages in Venezuela They have been registered for years, but they have affected the Venezuelan capital on a frequent basis since the beginning of this year when a massive blackout occurred in March that affected almost the entire national territory for five days.

The South American country has experienced at least four national electrical failures so far in 2019, the last one occurred on July 23 when 16 states of the 24 that make up the country They ran out of fluid. The lack of electricity in Venezuela directly damages communications, water, transport and commercial transactions.

According to the Government, electrical failures occur for assumptions electromagnetic attacks or sabotage, but the opposition and experts attribute the situation to the lack of maintenance and investment in plants and power plants.

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