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A new call for aid organizations. 340 million people need help

August 19 is World Humanitarian Day, a day dedicated to commemorating the bomb attack in Iraq in 2003 that took the lives of 22 humanitarian workers. On this day, we reflect on the sacrifices made by those who dedicate their lives to providing aid and support to those in need. In light of this, we spoke to Helena Krajewska, a member of the Polish Humanitarian Organization (PHO), to gain insight into their work and the challenges they faced in the past year. Krajewska discusses the organization’s efforts in providing aid to refugees and displaced individuals from Ukraine, as well as their work in Ukraine itself. She also highlights the new challenges posed by climate change and the increasing dangers faced by humanitarian workers in conflict zones. Despite these challenges, PHO remains committed to their mission of helping those in need, both at home and abroad. As we commemorate World Humanitarian Day, it is important to recognize and support the vital work done by organizations like PHO in providing much-needed assistance to those affected by crises around the world.

August 19 is World Humanitarian Day, commemorating the bomb attack in Iraq in 2003, which killed 22 humanitarian workers.

Onet: After the outbreak of war in Ukraine, what was the last year like for PHO?

Helena Krajewska: The last year was dominated by the subject of humanitarian aid for Ukraine, and probably there was no person who did not encounter some form of it. Since the outbreak of the war, many refugees from this country have arrived in Poland, as well as people of other nationalities who were fleeing the horrors of war. Although many have already returned to their countries, they needed our support at an early stage of their stay – then we operated on the Polish-Ukrainian border, we supported local organizations and reception centers. Almost a million people from Ukraine are still in Poland.

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