“A new decisive step forward for the territory”

“With the preliminary positive opinion of Anvur, the Degree Course in Medicine in Forlì takes a further and decisive step forward, confirming the validity of the Forlì university development project and the quality that our territory knows how to implement”. These are the words of Daniele Valbonesi, Pd territorial secretary, adding that “this news rewards the strategy adopted in these decades, that is a close and continuous collaboration between public and private, aimed at ensuring that the experience of the Multicampus Unibo could generate beneficial effects also on the local cultural and entrepreneurial fabric “.

“” Medicine in Forlì “is therefore also the result of an enlightened vision that various local politicians have deployed over three decades and that the center-left (including the last Democratic Party Council, led by Davide Drei) has favored and supported, also with huge investments in services and infrastructures in support of local university growth – continues Valbonesi – The Medicine Course in Forlì (and Ravenna), moreover, for our communities also represents a new push towards the integration of public research and higher education system with the public health system, which is an undisputed value in Emilia-Romagna. During this epidemic emergency, from which we are trying to escape, the investment in research and training of future health professionals takes on even more significance important, as proof of the need for an efficient, effective and universalistic public system, as the only true guarantee of to our society. “

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“This news is therefore a message of hope for the city of Forlì as for the Romagna area: we live in a situation of great difficulty but we have not stopped and indeed we look to the future and we must do it all together, with responsibility and mutual collaboration – he concludes -. We all desperately need trust to get out of this frightening crisis: to build the future, politics has the responsibility to plan the necessary actions to guarantee our communities better and better standards of living and assistance “.


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