A new right-wing party is launched. “Rz” reveals the names

The newspaper informs that one of the newest groups in Poland was entered by the court into the register of political parties on January 13, 2021. Its genesis dates back to June 2019, when the establishment of the Jan Olszewski Institute foundation was announced in Warsaw.

Wojciech Sadren, a former leading activist of the Movement for Reconstruction of Poland in Olszewski, became the president. Tomasz Markowski and Dawid Jackiewicz, former treasury minister in Beata Szydło’s government – we read in the daily.

PiS and KO deputies together

According to Rzeczpospolita, famous names can be found in the council of the Olszewski Institute. This includes PiS MPs Bartosz Kownacki and Zbigniew Girzyński and Paweł Poncyljusz, MP from the Civic Coalition.

“People associated with the institute founded the Przyszłość 5.0 association a year later. The names of Sadrun, Markowski and Jackiewicz again appear on its board. Then, people associated with the association founded the Future 5.0 party” – the newspaper reports.

Markowski: We still need time

What will the new grouping do and what are its goals? The Future 5.0 stated in a statement that “this is a new initiative to build community, balance and professionalism in public life.” “Our colleagues established an association which is a think-tank of the same name. We decided to go a step further and we will persuade them to implement the postulates developed in the association in a purely political context” – it was written.

– We want to show that we have interesting proposals. Teams work on individual elements. We still need time to present their fruits – said Markowski in an interview with Rzeczpospolita.

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