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A new series Battle of the Thrones will play Snowy John

The next few years are real Game of Thronesdumping comes to HBO Max, which will begin on August 22 this year, the air The dragon’s house the first episode will be added to the provider’s offer.

This petri dish will be just the first step for the invader, as HBO also wants to ride the global series to the original series and a whole bunch of other projects.

Now they have expanded the portfolio with another title, because they have revealed that a series of rumors already will end true:

Mayor George RR Martin, a Game of Thrones published by his father on her personal blogbeing made a series about Snowy Jon, and Kit Harington, of course.

This can be very strange anyway for those who are home to Westeros world, given Harington stated at the time that he did not want to play male heroes like Snowy Jon in the future.

Now, thanks to Martin, it even turned out that the idea for the series came straight from Harington, meaning the actor might change his mind – if we removed ourselves a little wrong, we would can also say that our man probably realized that Game of Thrones outside his world, the tool is not very good for him.

A project Snow is running a working title and is just writing her screenplay for now, meaning the first season won’t be on HBO Max recently.

We loved the original series anyway, and are happy to discuss its finale at any time until today:

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