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A nostalgic walk: television series that we will never forget

As a result of the return of “The Wonderful Years” with a remake, we remind you of the television series that although a thousand years pass, we would never want to stop watching.

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Learning to live

The true meaning of friendship and love. Cory, Topanga y Shawn they are the best friends in the world. This series invites you to accompany them as they grow from school to university, in addition to telling a love story that only happens one in a million. So much was the success of this American series that a remake was made “Riley’s World”, the daughter of Cory and Topanga. You can find both series in Disney +.

Dawson’s Creek

An American drama television series from the 1990s. It is about the life of a group of friends that begins in high school and continues through college. Starring James Van Der Beek, Katie Holmes, Joshua Jackson y Michelle Williams. After six seasons, it culminated in 2003.


Full house

How to forget the Tanners? Full House or Three by Three, is an American series that broke the rules in the 80s. After the loss of his wife, Danny Tanner gather your best friend, Joey Gladstone and his brother-in-law, Jesse Katsopolis, to raise their three daughters: Michelle, Stephanie y DJ

After 8 seasons and 192 episodes, the series came to an end in 1995. It was so successful in the United States that it was broadcast in 18 other countries and a remake was made in 2016: Fuller House, with the same actors after 21 years.


Sabrina, the teenage witch

This American sitcom is based on an Archie Comics cartoon. Starring Melissa Joan Hart, Interpreting Sabrina Spellman, tells the adventures of a teenager belonging to a family of witches and how she trains to control her magic. She lives with her aunts Hilda and Zelda, and his chattering cat Salem. The show premiered in 1996 with an audience of more than 17 million viewers and ended in April 2003.



And how can we forget our favorite alien? Alf He arrived in September 1986 to steal our hearts. It was on the air for four years and a movie was even made to tell the story’s outcome. A family comedy that brought young and old together in front of the screen.

Alf (1)


Considered the best series of all time, Friends stayed on the air for 10 years. Starring Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, David Schwimmer, tells the stories of Chandler, Phoebe, Monica, Ross, Joey and Rachel in New York.


The prince of Bel Air

Also called The Prince of rap, is the American comedy that led to stardom Will Smith. With six seasons on the air and 148 chapters, the story ended in May 1996. So much was the success of the series and the reproduction of it, despite the years, that in November of last year, HBO Max broadcast a special reunion of the cast.


La nana

Fran Fine, a Queens resident of Jewish origin, accidentally becomes the babysitter for three upper-class children in New York. It ran for over 6 years and became one of the most successful American comedies with a Jewish main character.

The format was replicated under license in countries such as Argentina, Ecuador, Mexico, Chile and others.


Malcolm in the Middle

Malcolm was the middle son of a family of six, to whom a test in the first season reveals that his IQ was that of a genius. It was broadcast on the FOX network for six years. After 7 seasons and 151 episodes, it came to an end on May 14, 2006. You can currently find it on Amazon Prime.


Clarissa explains everything

Clarissa is a young woman who speaks to the public and describes everything that is going on in her life, dramas, typical pre-adolescent problems, boys, acne problems and more. The prototype brought him so close to the audience that it quickly became a television hit broadcast every Sunday on Nickelodeon.


What was your favorite?

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