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“A nuclear attack will destroy Warsaw in 30 seconds.” Putin’s propagandists are threatening Poles

Scandalous words of “expert” in a popular Russian news program. A guest of the well-known propagandist Vladimir Soloviev has threatened Warsaw with a nuclear attack.

Russia “Protects” its citizens from being informed about the war in Ukraine, which he calls a “military operation”. Reliable media that have the courage to tell the truth about Putin’s aggression are being liquidated. Rossija 1, popular in Russia, organized a debate on the Russian attack on other countries in its prime-time program.

The guest of Vladimir Soloviev, political scientist Sergei Mikheyev spoke openly about declaring war on Poland and Lithuania. “Europe should understand a simple thing: if NATO organizes a peacekeeping mission, then it can count on a nuclear attack,” he commented.

Scandalous words of the “expert” of propaganda television. “Warsaw will disappear in 30 seconds”

Sergei Mikheyev, a political commentator, spoke on one of the most popular Russian TV programs in the program “Evening with Vladimir Soloviev” about a possible nuclear attack.

Brave Poles, your Warsaw will disappear in 30 seconds and nothing will be left of it. Lithuania and Poland behave horribly. They do not understand that we will deal with them faster than with Ukraine

Sergey Mikheyev

The “expert” also threatened other European countries, which, in his opinion, are unnecessarily interfering in Russia’s policy. The recording sparked outrage on the web. Maria Avdeeva, Research Director of the European Association of Experts, commented on Twitter that “Russia will not stop in Ukraine.”

“When I say Putin will not stop in Ukraine, I mean exactly that. The state-run Russian TV show in prime time discusses a possible nuclear attack on Europe, the Russian invasion of Poland and Lithuania, and the Kaliningrad corridor, threatening Germany and the Baltic states. now “- we read in the post.

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There is a war in Ukraine. Every war is not only a political and military conflict. They are primarily innocent victims and people who lose everything. The Radio ZET Foundation is conducting an aid campaign for them.



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