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A paint that cools everything it covers

Transform the energy of the Sun … into cold! The Israeli start-up Solcold, co-founded by engineer Yaron Shenhav and nuclear physics expert and professor at Hebrew University in Jerusalem Guy Ron, is working on the prototype of a double layer paint – certain principles of which were patented in 2018 and in 2019 – which, when affixed to a surface, cools it strongly if exposed to the Sun. “Cold is usually created using thermodynamic reactions”, explains Yaron Shenhav. “Here, we are based on the properties of quantum physics by creating a reaction at the level of atoms. ”

Technology “Is in the Trl 5 stage [norme européenne, niveau de maturité technologique allant de 1 à 8]he continues. “All the parts of the system work and we now have to combine them for full-scale tests on cars, containers or roofs of buildings. ” The start-up is one of 80 finalists – out of 5,000 projects from 128 countries – in the Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge competition, scheduled for March 12 and 13 at Centquatre-Paris. The designers announce marketing for early 2021.

Infographic: Philippe Da Silva

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