July 5, 2019

Newsy Today


A plant that puts the investiture in check in Madrid

Never Madrid was more aware of Murcia as yesterday, at the stroke of eight in the afternoon. The vote of the investiture in that community was directly linked to what might happen in the Madrid region. The popular Isabel Díaz Ayuso and the orange Ignacio Aguado touch with their fingers a government agreement. But the gap between Cs and Vox is still open, whose leader Rocío Monasterio came to ask Citizens yesterday to "stop treating us like plague".

Despite the positivity that the PP candidate tries to convey, convinced that "the agreement will arrive sooner rather than later, it will arrive soon", the relationship between her two hypothetical investiture partners is getting worse every day. And what happened yesterday in Murcia does not help at all. In fact, meant a braking to what mid-morning had sounded a very subtle turn in the position of orange formation.

It happened when its leader, Ignacio Aguado, explained that he would sign a programmatic document only with the PP, and that it would be closed -nobody could modify it later-, but it would not be inconvenient to sit with "other political forces" – that is, Vox- to explain its content, or that this other training signed that same document.

This was said at a time when Murcia, PP, Cs and Vox were sitting together, negotiating. But just a few hours later, the representative of Vox rose from that table by an indiscretion of the oranges, and everything became turbulent, until reaching a final vote that knocked down, with the acquiescence of Vox, the investiture of the popular Lopez Miras.

Since the candidacy of Diaz Ayuso kept the type: "What happens in other negotiations does not have to pass here," they said in their team. They insisted that Madrid, "the economic engine of Spain, can not stay any longer if they start a government".

In Ciudadanos did not feel very good that Vox kept his charade to the end: the sabotage to the Murcia agreement, as some sources qualified, complicates the situation in Madrid five days of the investiture session, even without a candidate. And without agreement. .