A priest reproached his faithful for the few alms – News

A Spanish priest reproached the attendees for their limited financial contributions at a time when the parish was facing a pending debt for the remodeling of the temple.

The incident occurred at a mass in the church of Cristo de Valdepeñas, in the Spanish province of Ciudad Real, where the parishioners had to endure the reprimand.

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In the homily, the parish priest criticized those who “having a job” do not contribute “even 10 or 15 euros a month.” “There is a man who in the last eight years has told me more than 15 times that he will bring me his account number to charge him the fee, but he never brought it to me, “complained the priest.

“How can you have such a hard face, people think we’re stupid,” he said. The moment of anger in the religious act, which was held last Sunday, October 4, was broadcast on social networks in recent days.

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The priest also assured to be aware of the generosity of each of his parishioners. “I look at everything; that I shut up does not mean that I am stupid,” he said. “I know who gives and who does not give, who has given for the work and who has not given,” he said.

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In that sense, the religious sent a recommendation to the attendees: “To those who think that things are very difficult, think it over, because 10 or 15 euros a month is what they spend on a round of beers.”

The remodeling of the church cost more than one million euros. As the parish priest explained, more than half were in charge of the parish, and several institutions and private entities contributed, but there are still 80 thousand euros pending payment.


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