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A. Pugačiova spoke after M. Galkin received Russian threats: ready to defend her husband

Russian star Ala Pugacheva has said she is ready to defend her husband Maxim Galkin, who could be prosecuted in Russia for his stance against war.

A family friend, Russian publicist Marat Gelman, said about it on YouTube show I Gryanul Grem, writes the portal unian.net.

The couple’s friend quoted Pugacheva as saying: “If they start a lawsuit against Maxim, I’ll start talking and I won’t stop.”

Gelman added that although Ala himself still does not speak specifically about the war in Ukraine, he supported and continues to support the Ukrainians.

Ala Pugacheva and Maksimas Galkinas / Instagram photos

A family friend also noted that Pugacheva believed that the war caused by Vladimir Putin was insane, but that he was not yet ready to fight his regime.

We remind you that already in the first days of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Ala Pugacheva went to Israel with her husband Maxim Galkin and children. From there, this fault tells the truth about the war in Ukraine.

For his anti-war stance, Galkin has already had consequences in Russia. The man was fired from First Channel, where he worked for six years. Galkin’s concerts in Russia were also canceled. Moreover, he wants them to pursue.

“Let’s put together a chronological sequence of events. On February 24, I posted a post in which I spoke out against the war. Then I was in Moscow, not in Israel, because at 23, 24, I was filmed in the Mosfilm movie studio on February 25, so I was there, I recorded it, and for the next two days, it happened, first of all, the Russian government banned my face from advertising. I stopped and it turned out that I was losing advertising money.

In addition, I lost money at concerts – in various Russian cities where my performances were scheduled, the city government and local administration banned my concerts. They did so in a non-transparent manner, without providing official papers and explanations, and began intimidating event organizers. All my concerts have been postponed or canceled altogether. I tried to do something, but it was impossible to do anything, “he said.

Now Galkin is still in Israel and has already announced several concerts there. Part of the income man promised to transfer to Ukrainian refugees.

The comedian reported this on her Instagram account. In the photo, she appeared with short haircuts and wore a white T-shirt. But many people drew attention to his face, the rotten beard. No one has ever seen M. Galkin like that.

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