A “rare photo” of Fayrouz was exchanged from her wedding in conjunction with her birthday


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Fans and fans of “Jarrah Al-Qamar”, the Lebanese artist, Fairouz, today, on her 85th birthday, exchanged a photo of her wedding from Assi Rahbani.

وبحسب newspaper The Lebanese “An-Nahar”, the “social media” picture topped the list, and it was widely circulated as a “rare image” and “published for the first time,” although it was published more than 6 years ago on the Internet.

But what is new in the image is that it has been colored instead of black and white, and it has been modified to become of high quality.

During 2020, Fayrouz was exposed to many rumors of death, andWhich her daughter deniedRima Rahbani

And she was Turquoise She received French President Emmanuel Macron at her home in Beirut in September, as part of a visit he made to Lebanon after the Beirut Port explosion.

Macron described Fairouz after meeting her as “very beautiful and strong.”

During his visit to her, the French President awarded the great Lebanese artist the French Legion of Honor, the highest official honor in France, while Fayrouz gifted the French President a painting, which is said to be a cedar model engraved with the name of the French President.

Rima Rahbani revealed in early November that her mother, Fayrouz In the process of writing her diary, Stressing that Fayrouz is the only one who has the right to write her long biography.

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Fayrouz is one of the most important Arab singers, and she has many courageous patriotic stances. She was subjected to the crisis of preventing her from singing for seven months in Lebanon after her refusal to sing for the former Algerian president, Houari Bou Medin. .

Fayrouz’s songs about the Palestinian cause are also among the most enthusiastic pro-Palestine songs, from “Bright Wrath Coming” to “Zahrat Al-Madaen” and all the way to the streets of Old Jerusalem.

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