a "rebellious" regional elected to vote for the National Gathering

Andrea Kotarac, elected in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, announced Tuesday night that he was leaving the populist leftist movement. The National Gathering welcomed his decision.

By Abel Mestre Posted today at 22h09, updated at 23h09

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It is a defection that falls to the worst for insubordinate France (LFI). Andrea Kotarac, regional elected in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, former member of the presidential team of Jean-Luc Mélenchon in 2017, declared to elements (review of the new right) and BFM-TV Tuesday, May 14, he left his training and he called to vote for the list of the National Rally (RN), led by Jordan Bardella, in the European elections of 26 may.

"Having been born in 1989, I must confess to being quite insensitive to the taboos of the left of the 1980s. My only compass is the defense of popular sovereignty and social justice, states Mr. Kotarac in his interview at Elements. However, I see that the European elections are a unique opportunity to make a choice: either to reinforce Macron and its policy of social breakup that prepares the advent of a federal Europe; either vote for the only list able to beat him on the evening of May 26th. "

"So, my choice is made: I will vote for the list led by Jordan Bardella and Marine le Pen. I am all the more comfortable knowing that having met the President of the National Gathering, I am quite in tune with her social fiber and her attachment to the indivisible character of the French nation. "

The choice of this magazine is not neutral. Born in the late 1960s, it is the flagship of the new right, a school of thought that lies between right and extreme right, and wants to link political struggle and cultural struggle. It happens regularly that figures of the intellectual left of tendency "sovereignist" or "patriot" express themselves there.

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" Barrage "

On BFM-TV, Kotarac added Tuesday night: " I do not adhere to the RN but the current political context requires a dam to Emmanuel Macron. If Emmanuel Macron is in the lead, he will accelerate his antisocial reforms "added the elected. According to him, LFI " forget it (the) sovereignist, republican, secular thought (…) the thought of Jean-Luc Mélenchon is a minority in the insubordinate France ". then: "I saw a balkanization, a communitarization of French society, I saw divisive concepts settle in LFI: meeting reserved for women, inclusive writing. " He also assured that he "Would return his mandate" regional councilor.

The Left Party (PG, matrix of LFI) immediately excluded Andrea Kotarac. The formation believes that the decision of the regional elected will "Against all the republican principles defended by the Left Party and the insubordinate France". In recent weeks, the name of Andrea Kotarac put LFI in the embarrassment. His participation in a meeting in Yalta, Crimea, the biggest annual meeting of the soft power Russian, and where were also Thierry Mariani (RN) and Marion Maréchal Le Pen, had thrown the disorder into the populist organization left.

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Tuesday night, very few leaders were speaking on the case Kotarac (who boasted to have the ear of Mr. Mélenchon on international issues). Some recall his commitment against the far right in his younger years. MEP Younous Omarjee did not hide his dismay and his questions:

"Is politics the real reason for joining? Or are there obscure motivations? What happened during his trip to Crimea? Part of the answer may be there … "

The National Gathering, meanwhile, does not sulk his pleasure of having a new take of war. In a statement, the extreme right party congratulates Andrea Kotarac, for his "Courage and (her) lucidity ".

Abel Mestre

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