A report by the Prosecutor’s Office sees “high probability” that Evo Morales encouraged in a video to fence the cities

Madrid / La Paz



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An expert report commissioned by the State Attorney General’s Office of Bolivia determines that there is a “high probability” that it is the voice of Evo Morales the one heard in a recording broadcast last November in which the president supposedly ordered his followers to fence the cities and prevent food from entering them.

The study was conducted by the Technological Research Center of Colombia and this Thursday released its results the national director of the Institute of Forensic Investigations (IDIF), Andrés Flores, as reported by the website of the local newspaper «El Debe».

“When comparing the data, it is observed that the male voice that corresponds to Evo Morales has a high probability of identification,” said Flores.

In the video that Arturo Murillo, interim Minister of Government (Interior) announced at the time, appears a cocalero leader identified as Faustino Yucra Yarhui in a speakerphone conversation with a person whom the authorities identified as Evo Morales.

Based on that document, the interim Government of Jeanine Áñez announced that she would file an international complaint against the resigning president, currently asylum seekers in Mexico, for “crimes against humanity.”


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