a report card to identify the authors of insults and racist songs


The match Amiens-Dijon was interrupted on April 12, after the captain of the Picardy team Prince Desir Gouano was the object of racist cries.
The match Amiens-Dijon was interrupted on April 12, after the captain of the Picardy team Prince Desir Gouano was the object of racist cries. JEFF PACHOUD / AFP

This is a symbolic measure that will come into effect at the resumption of the season of Ligue 2 (July 26) and Ligue 1 (August 9). As part of its "anti-discrimination plan", the Professional Football League (LFP) will launch a report card to identify the authors of racist, anti-Semitic, homophobic or sexist insults, remarks and songs in the stadiums, learned The world.

In partnership with the International League Against Racism and Anti-Semitism (Licra), with which it signed an agreement in March, the body wishes to encourage witnesses and victims of these abuses to denounce them in order to initiate a disciplinary procedure and judicial.

"We have a new tool to fight against racism and homophobia and to better target troublemakerssays Nathalie Boy de la Tour, president of the LFP. A minority must not spoil the pleasure of the majority to attend a football match. We want to move up a gear to ward off all deviant behavior in stadiums, which are the work of a small minority. I do not want there to be an amalgam with all the spectators. "

This form will be accessible on the Licra website and the report may be anonymised. It must be completed within forty-eight hours so that a file is transmitted by the Licra to the LFP, which can seize its disciplinary commission, sovereign to take the appropriate sanctions.

"It's not about being the police of thought but coming to support a victim of racist, anti-Semitic or homophobic remarks in a stadiumsays lawyer Mario Stasi, president of Licra, who will bring his legal expertise to the LFP. We will help her to recognize that she has been insulted, insulted, discriminated against by building a file, finding witnesses, making sure that the author is identified, including through video recordings, and quickly sanctioned. It must be coupled with the concern for prevention. "

"An unprecedented device" in France

This "prevention" component is at the heart of this plan. The LFP launched awareness-raising workshops for clubs, joined several associations, created a cross-functional working group with the coaches, professional clubs and players' unions, and on 17 May organized a day dedicated to the fight against homophobia.

In a letter dated July 5, that The world consulted, Mme Boy de la Tour informed the presidents of Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 clubs about the launch of this report card, "Novel device" in France. "It's in line with the expectations of club presidents, it will help them target a minority of people, rather than having a disciplinary sanction that affects all their supporters", observes the president of the LFP.

"The convention helps to empower everyone and allows for an essential awareness of what we are entitled to say in a stadium as elsewhere: racism, anti-Semitism and homophobia are not opinions but crimes. she will help club presidents, adds Mario Stasi. Racism is the fruit of both ignorance and nauseating intent. Ignorance must be tackled at school. "

"As soon as a racist statement is made in a stadium, we have to show that we can say stop, that there will be a judicial follow-up and that we will help to build a file, that there will have to be a rapid, fair and intelligent sanction with the ambition that the author becomes aware of the crime committed, by condemning him to citizenship courses ", develops the president of Licra.

Emmanuel Macron favorable to stopping matches

The initiative of the LFP and the Licra intervenes at the end of a season enamelled of several incidents. On 3 July, a Lensois supporter was sentenced to a fine of 10,000 euros and five hours of community service by the LFP Disciplinary Committee. Licentiate of the French Football Federation (FFF), this coach of youth teams had been "The origin of a homophobic song" in the Marek grandstand of the Bollaert stadium, in a Ligue 2 match between the Sang et Or and Valenciennes, in April. He had been identified via a video relayed on social networks.

On April 12, in Dijon, Ameri- can captain Prince Desir Gouano was the victim of racist cries at the 32e Ligue 1 day. The referee had decided to stop the game. If the player has not lodged a complaint, the alleged perpetrator of these insults has been identified, placed in custody and indicted.

" As soon as a discriminatory fact is recorded in a match report, the Disciplinary Committee takes its responsibilities and sanctionsexplains Mme Boy of the Tower. In case of racist cries or homophobic insults, the referee has the power to stop the match. This is what happened last season at the meeting Dijon-Amiens. The LFP and Licra lodged a civil claim in this case. "

On July 7, questioned by France Info, the head of state Emmanuel Macron pronounced in favor of the stop of the meetings in the event of racist or homophobic incidents, supporting the position taken in April by his sports minister, Roxana Maracineanu.

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"There will be a quantified assessment"

"The referee is in his role, focused on his match, he can not be everywhere and the match delegate either. This report is therefore complementary to the work of the officials. It will also allow us to be fairer in terms of sanctions ", says the president of the LFP.

Mme Boy de la Tour is committed to publishing the "Number of reports each season". "There will be a numerical assessment. There is no taboo, there is nothing to hide »she promises. The leader, who has been working on this anti-discrimination plan for a year, was criticized after the publication of her remarks by The Parisian, March 25, in the Senate, during the Licra Trophies She had used the word "Folklore" to designate homophobic remarks 'Unacceptable' a minority of supporters.

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"I think I gave proof of my commitment on these topics when I led the Football Fondaction (endowment fund of French football created by the FFF for "Promote a citizen's vision" of his sport). The stadium must not be an area of ​​lawlessness, answers Mme Boy de la Tour, who makes one of the most important decisions of his mandate.

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