A restaurant 'stuck' in the bad reviews of Tripadvisor takes to trial to the web to defend its honor

You arrive at the marina of Valencia, just where the sand strip of the Malvarrosa beach ends. You are hungry. Take a look at the letter from the Marina Beach Club. You can eat a sweet duck rice with mushrooms and seasonal artichokes (16.50 euros). Or, for the same price, a Valencian paella. But you doubt if it will be worth it. So check out the comments that people like you have written on Tripadvisor, a portal that, with opinions on five million restaurants around the world, has become a traveler's compass and foodies. You discover that it has a score of 3.5 out of five (it does not reach the notable), that there are recurrent complaints about the service and that someone has renamed the place "Toxic Beach" because the tartar did not feel right.

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