A retired chief brigadier gets caught with ten administrative stamps including that of …

Resident at Pikine Icotaf, the retired brigadier-chief had appointed a room in his house which served as his office. S. M made fraudulent legalizations of acts of sale of vehicles bearing the stamps of the district police station of Rebeuss. The retired brigadier also had an office at the HLMs.

Indeed, last Thursday 22 October, the elements of Rebeuss were seized around 12 noon, by an individual on condition of anonymity. The latter informed them of the shenanigans of the accused, while revealing to them that the accused would be a former policeman who would have reconverted into the administrative service of the police after his retirement in 2012. Also, informs the same source, ” he would have set up several offices including that of the HLM and legalized many administrative acts, acts of sale of vehicles among others, with the stamps of the Rebeuss police station ».

To be edified on this affair, and to better shoe the retired chief brigadier, elements of the Rebeuss Research Brigade seized the offender from the number he used to give in order to request a deed of sale. of a motorcycle. SM then agreed to legalize for the sum of ten thousand FCFA, before giving them an appointment near a mosque located in Pikine Icotaf the same day, around 3 pm. At the agreed time, the agents went to the meeting place. Once there, the retired policeman first asked them for the agreed sum (10,000 FCfa), before bringing them into a house where he occupies a room which serves as an office in view of the configuration and the office equipment. on the spot.

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Moreover, it was S. M who personally wrote the deed of sale for the motorcycle, before opposing it with his signature and the stamps of the Rebeuss police station. With all these elements in support, the elements of Rebeuss then proceeded to arrest the brigadier, by declining their identities, professional cards in support.

And, after his arrest, the sleuths proceeded to requisition the premises. This enabled them to discover: an inker, a stapler, ten stamps including two from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Senegalese abroad, one from the Rebeuss district police station, two personal stamps in the name of Mamadou Diallo and de Boubacar Wade, all former commissioners of Rebeuss, a stamp for the certified copy legislation, a stamp for the certification of a certified copy, a stamp for the material certification of the signature, three date stamps, two bottles for correction, a roll of tape of color started, three pens of green, black and blue color. All these objects found during the report were seized and placed under seal.

The respondent was taken into custody.


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