It is seven in the morning, José Uriburu, he should be preparing to go to work. Given the health emergency and the need to respect total quarantine, he stays in his department of Barrancas de Belgrano. But he doesn’t sit still: trying to get through the several days of confinement designed his first home marathon.

Joe – as his acquaintances tell him – is 36 years old, a lawyer by profession and a sportsman by vocation. Three years ago he discovered the world of racing, traveled to Mar del Plata for the 60-kilometer Triathlon circuit, He was also in Brazil in the Florianópolis Ultra Triathlon and had the plane tickets to compete in Texas, United States. “I am passionate”, synthesizes.

On Thursday, March 18, the President Alberto Fernández announced mandatory social isolation across the country. “I was lying in my bed when the measure was decreed, beyond all the social and economic consequences that affect us as a country, I thought about how I was going to be able to keep up without moving,” he tells Infobae.

After a while, his phone exploded with messages. Comments were pouring in from all the WhatsApp groups in runners they were very concerned about the running of the bulls, “he says. However, restless, he managed to continue doing what he is passionate about. “I have space, I just need to strengthen my head to achieve it ”.

That’s how it went. This March 25, 2020 -in full isolation- Joe completed his first home circuit of 21 kilometers.

He put on the jumpsuit he uses to run a marathon, his sneakers, he armed himself with his name, loaded various points of hydration and started from the starting point of the living room of his house. He put on the Argentine national anthem, sang it, and at the end was ready to take the first step.

The journey included different environments of his house: balcony, living room and kitchen, in total 38 square meters. His personal brand was 01:59:34 which translates to 5’40 ”per kilometer. How I finish? With some blisters on the feet, but energized. “I’m very happy. I want to create a contagion effect and inspire others. We won this battle among all of us ”.

There was prior preparation for the indoor challenge. “A few days before I put together a journey, but 10 kilometers. I saw that I could do it and I said ‘I’m going for more!’ “

José does not live alone: ​​he is married to Agustina and is the father of Joaquín (6) and Jacinta (4). “They are the ones who bank me in all this madness. They always support me in each circuit, it is not easy to put together a race logistics especially when it is abroad, ”he says. And this time was not the exception, The three were encouraging while running through the environments of their house: “They brought me water and banana every five kilometers.”

The family was not the only one that was present at every turn. From the balconies, the neighbors joined the harangue. “They applauded me, they screwed me … it was very motivating.” The “quarantine race” was also streamed via Joe’s Instagram account. “Almost 300 people were able to follow it live. I received thousands of comments, applause and congratulations. Others shared their runs. Now it only remains to inspire others so that the closure is not so difficult. “

What is the next race? This Sunday, March 29, in the same living room of his house. But this time it goes for more, will be 42 kilometers indoor. “I am very used to running, endurance is not what it costs. The most difficult thing is the design of the circuit (which I created myself), you bounce a lot, you have to double… I’m not complaining, but that’s the most difficult thing ”.

Unstoppable Joe, seeks to viralize his initiative. “I don’t run just for pleasure. Cgold to raise awareness. The only way to beat the coronavirus is by respecting the isolation and fighting it from the inside ”.

Accustomed to physical activity, he shared with Infobae some tips for training in confined spaces. “It is not necessary to have training elements, that is, dumbbells or elastic bands, with the body weight reaching.”

1) Series of 40 repetitions, jumping Jacks, 20 lunges and 10 sit-ups, for 10 minutes with breaks between each series.

2) For 12 minutes (40 ″ working and 20 ″ resting) one minute walking in the squat position, the second minute lying hip lifts. The third minute the same walk but backwards, and repeat again until the time is complete.

3) You can add push-ups.

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