“A scandal” – Libero Quotidiano

The “glamor” photo has gone around the world without bra of Sanna Marin, young and beautiful premier of the Finland. Already star of the formal and informal summits of the European Union, sought after by colleagues and cameramen, this time the 35-year-old has decided to be photographed, yes, but to end up on the glossy pages of the magazine Trendy. In front of the lens of the fashion photographer Jonas Lundqvist, Marin posed with a very elegant pendant around her neck but above all exhibiting an unusual and not very institutional one neckline. “Abyssal”, someone defined it, scandalized, also because the outfit included the absence of a bra under the black damask jacket. Obviously, Marin was challenged for having dared so much, but a little unexpectedly a social campaign was unleashed in her favor, with thousands of women (and men, with self-irony) who declared their support for the premier by posing in low-cut photos on Instagram under the hashtag #imwithsanna, “I’m with Sanna”.


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