A seasonal vegetable turns out to be the key to longevity


06 Nov 2020.

Butternut squash can increase lifespan. This food is high in fiber, plant protein and powerful antioxidants.

A key property of butternut squash is its ability to lower blood pressure. In addition, the vegetable contains vitamin A, which is necessary for maintaining eye health, especially in old age. So, just one cup of butternut squash contains over 350% of the recommended daily allowance for this substance.

The product also contains manganese – 17% of the daily value. This mineral increases the absorption of calcium in the body, which improves the mineral density of the spine. With regular consumption of pumpkin, the skin begins to actively recover from damage.

Another important vitamin present in this product is vitamin C. It helps fight viruses due to the increased production of white blood cells. In addition, with the help of antioxidants and beta-carotene, butternut squash helps to cope with internal inflammation in the body and serves as an excellent prevention for cancer and arthritis.

LIVE24 previously reported on which form is best eat pumpkin… It is not enough just to eat this vegetable. It is important to cook it correctly in order to get the maximum amount of nutrients.


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