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A second wave of COVID-19 three times worse? | COVID-19 | The gallery

“We are now announcing that we will ban the sale of food at midnight in bars.” The rule prohibits the sale of alcohol in bars after midnight, but continues to allow the sale of alcohol after midnight provided the drink is accompanied by food. Not anymore for bars.

“The reason is because people think they’re smarter than the rules, and then they say, ‘Well, that’s easy, if we can keep selling alcohol, well, we just have to add some McCroquettes, then it’s going to be perfect. ” But it doesn’t work like that. Food is over after midnight in bars. We are going to make tighter control of ridership in certain areas, ”says Dubé.

Consequences of switching to orange

“And what does it mean if we go into the orange zone?” Well, we’re going to have to reduce the number of people at public events, especially what we call unorganized gatherings like weddings or that kind of event. We will reduce the number of people in private residences, which would drop, if we go to the orange zone, from 10 to 6. There would be the closure of bars, there would be restrictions in restaurants to limit themselves. at the “take-out”.

“Remember, there aren’t any of the eight regions in the orange right now, but there are a few that are very close, which are very close to the orange zone. And, if these regions, unfortunately, due to the irresponsibility of certain individuals, we will be forced to adopt measures as restrictive as these, ”Minister Dubé said.

The Department of Health will update its alert codes map more than once a week as originally planned. The idea of ​​subdividing some very large regions into sub-regions is being considered, especially with a possible change to orange and the tightening of certain restrictions.

Mask mandatory in RPA

Note that another new measure was implemented Tuesday without waiting for the next level of alert.

Wearing a mask is now compulsory in the corridors, elevators and common rooms in private seniors’ residences.

Without becoming a prophet, the Dr Arruda also offered an omen of what is to come for certain regions and even all of Quebec.

“Please don’t take us intensive orange or red all over. We will definitely have some orange soon, I have the impression. We tried a lot to convince, then I think we must continue to convince people who have perhaps relaxed a little. But we will not hesitate to use coercion because there it is the life and economy of a people that would still risk being damaged. We don’t want to play in this film, ”summed up the colorful national director of public health.

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