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A series of Pre-Employment Card Incentive Benefits, Get IDR 3.5 Million to Pay Debt: Okezone Economy

JAKARTA – Executive Director of Program Management (PMO) Denni Puspa Purbasari’s pre-employment card said that his party had recently obtained the results of a survey after training program recipients.

Based on the results of the survey, the participants received an incentive of Rp. 600 thousand in the first month to meet their daily needs, such as buying food, transportation costs, and other necessities. Not only that, it turns out that this incentive is also used to pay credit or debt installments.

“The largest portion to meet daily needs is 90%, then 25% is for business capital because many have started selling cakes, puddings, etc. There are also 23% using incentive money to save money. “They can choose more than one reason in the survey,” said Denni some time ago.

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He said, for the incentives for the Pre-Work Card Program, the government has issued a budget of IDR 180 billion. To date, there are 300 thousand people who have received incentives of Rp. 600 thousand after training in the Pre-Employment Card program.

“Until batch III, there have been approximately 680 thousand participants who have participated in the Pre-Employment Card program, of which 530 thousand have made transactions to buy training and 350 thousand of them have completed their training,” said Denni.

As many as 300 thousand people will receive Rp. 600 thousand. In the following month, they will also get incentives as well as the third month and so on, the incentives are a full amount of Rp. 600 thousand per month.

“By the end of the year, the government targets 5.6 million participants to receive the benefits of the Pre-Work Card, with a budget of Rp. 20 trillion,” he concluded.

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For information, each Pre-Work Card participant gets a total incentive of IDR 3,550,000. It consists of IDR 1 million for training costs, IDR 600 thousand per person per month for post-training incentives, which will be given for four months or a total of IDR 2.4 million. And the remaining IDR 150 thousand which is a survey incentive.

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