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a show on TF1 arouses controversy

Cosmetic surgery and botox have been on the rise since the establishment of the state of health emergency in Morocco. Thus, the number of such operations has tripled compared to that of 2019.

And according to the program “Seven to eight” on Sunday February 7 on the French channel TF1, the number of operations has reached 40,000, concerning all parts of the body between botox injections, liposuction and other practices with bizarre names, such as “Ferrari”, “Texas”, “Nefertiti”, etc. As for the plastic surgeons who perform these different operations, they number 129 and are mainly concentrated in Casablanca, Rabat, Tangier and Marrakech.

One of the Moroccan women declared, during the aforementioned famous program, presented by Harry Roselmack, that she had to work for two years to be able to save the 40,000DH necessary for the operation “Ferrari” which she finally underwent in one of the specialized clinics of the economic capital. But “Seven to eight” also revealed that cosmetic surgery is not the preserve of the fairer sex. Men are also very happy, especially for the increase of the pectorals by implants. Which operation can cost the astronomical sum of 110,000DH!

However, this kind of cosmetic surgery and botox operations are not without danger and the show recalled the sad fate of a young girl from Rabat, named Imane, who died during an operation to increase the volume. of any part of his body.

In addition, a strange fact challenged Le Site info, as well as many viewers of the TF1 program which will cause a stir in Morocco. These are these young women in Eve clothes, completely naked, during their operations. And with his face uncovered! This can create a number of family problems for them. Moreover, “Seven to eight” did not fail to criticize certain plastic surgeons who publish their photos, in operating theaters, in the company of young naked women.

For their part, many young women have criticized the show itself and criticized it for not having respected the privacy of the operated and for having shown their private parts. “Cosmetic surgery is normal. On the other hand, what is not is to have shown young Moroccan women in the simplest apparatus, ”lamented a young woman.


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