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a simpler contract to access housing?

Mobility lease: a simpler contract to access housing?

HOUSING – The mobility lease is a new rental system. It aims to facilitate access to housing for young people and people in precarious situations. Update on this real estate contract.

It is one of the important measures of the law on the Evolution of housing and development and digital (ELAN), voted by the deputies on April 12. The “mobility lease” is a simplified rental contract which aims to make access to housing less difficult for young people and people in precarious situations (students, fixed-term contract, trainee, and people in training).

A lease without security deposit

This new contract applies to furnished accommodation for a short rental period of one to ten months. Unlike a rental lease classic, no security deposit is required. An important parameter to help precarious tenants, and especially young people, to access housing. To encourage owners to use this device, the “mobility lease” is eligible for Visale, a rental guarantee system managed by the public body Action Logement, which covers possible unpaid tenants. “With this lease, the owners will be secure regardless of the tenant, so there is no reason that they refuse the files of young people”, explained to 20 Minutes, the Secretary of State for Territorial Cohesion , Julien Denormandie.

A non-renewable contract

This is one of the main characteristics of the “mobility lease”. The contract is non-renewable. It is automatically terminated at maturity. The tenant is therefore obliged to vacate the accommodation once the lease has ended. Now, we have to see how the donors will welcome this new contract.

When will the first “mobility lease” be signed?

The text was voted on June 12 in the National Assembly. It must still be voted by the Senate, before being definitively adopted. Application decrees must then be published. The first “mobility lease” will probably not be signed before the summer.

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