A skeleton reveals the damage of the chilling medieval practice of the "wheel of torture"



The remains of a man executed in the wheel of torture medieval have revealed the terrifying damages that inflicted this artifact in the human body

The skeleton found in Milan belongs to a young, between 17 and 20 years old, who lived in the Italian city in the Middle Ages, around 1290 and 1430. They were next to him two buckles which are thought to be used for tie him up while it was shattered by the brutal artifact, according to the periodic Daily Mail.

Researchers at the University of Milan who found it have published a study in the Journal of Archaeological Science in which they detail that it can be one of the most horrible cases of torture They have been found. The list of agonizing wounds includes clean cuts in all bones lengths of his arms and legs; the shattered face; a piercing wound in the columnto vertebral, and a deep skull fracture.


Experts have told The Sun that all this indicates that the man was brutally beaten by on the wheel and they tried a decapitation. However, he failed, which makes them assume that he suffered a slow death Because of those wounds.


The crime he committed to be punished with the torture wheel is unknown. Only the worst crimes were punished with her, but investigators claim that it could be just because it was very different from the rest. Their teeth they were very bulges and it was considerably lower than average of the time. All this could cause him many problems and be blamed by a sick crowd.

"This case describe for the first time the details of a victim of the wheel of torture and underlines the importance of archeology and anthropology in the reconstruction of cases of human rights violation in the past », the specialists in the study have written.



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