A soldier committed suicide after being gang-raped in the Army | Chronicle

A soldier from army of the United States she committed suicide after being raped by her classmates. Her mother assures that the young woman made the complaint but that the authorities never took action on the matter.

Is about Morgan Robinson, who at age 21 joined the army of the United States, to fulfill the dream she had since her childhood of being welded and serving her Nation. After spending six years in the National Guard, in 2016, she was informed that she would be transferred for the first time outside her country, to Kuwait, where the nightmare began.

According to his mother, Debbie Robinson, when the young woman was in Kuwait she was sexually assaulted by one of her superiors, who continually harassed him. “At that time, my daughter made the corresponding complaint but nothing happened”, the woman assured local media.

Then, Morgan was sent to Afghanistan and was raped again, but this time in droves by several of her companions.. “She was very scared, because they threatened her. Also, she knew that her complaint would go nowhere. Nothing happened in Kuwait with the sexual assault and harassment, so why would they do something in Afghanistan?”Debbie said.

Finally, in 2018, Morgan committed suicide months after James Mattis, then Secretary of Defense, affirmed that there was zero tolerance for sexual assault. “While casualties on the battlefield are a reality of war, we will not accept casualties due to sexual assault in our military family.”, had said.

Currently and after the brand new election to the new government, Debbie desperately and hopefully asks for justice for her daughter. “She was doing a job that she loved, and she was doing it for her country. And to think that this is what took her life, is what broke her … They wanted her body and took her soul”, remarked.

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“The military are responsible for his death, because of the way they did not handle what happened. They cannot police themselves. How can one investigate oneself? It is not possible”, added.

At the end, he assured that he is trying to cover up what happened to his daughter and related that the documents of the official investigation of his daughter’s suicide appear with crossed out paragraphs. Now him army promises to carry out a “full investigation” and take appropriate action against the accused.


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