A Spanish engineer on the planet Hamilton


The last two Spanish passers-by on a Formula 1 podium are not pilots. It is not Fernando Alonso, pioneer and zenith of this sport in our country, which has passed through all the segments of a celebrity. His last location in the top three was a second place in Hungary 2014 aboard a Ferrari. It is not Carlos Sainz, without podiums in his fifth year already for F1. The last passengers who accessed the drawer of the elect are two engineers. Madrid's IƱaki Rueda, Ferrari's chief of strategy who accompanied Vettel in Australia 2018, and the novel Marga Torres, who sprayed herself with champagne alongside Lewis Hamilton this season at the Canadian Grand Prix.

Hamilton, who yesterday could not snatch the pole from Max Verstappen in the Brazilian circuit of Interlagos (18:10 h, Movistar +) and is already world champion for the sixth time, has a Madrid collaborator, graduated from the Polytechnic University of the Marga Torres capital.

A couple of decades ago being Spanish in Formula 1 was a mixture almost incompatible with logic. Not only were they strangers in an Anglophile world, but they were viewed with some suspicion for the lack of tradition of our country in this world. Except for some exceptions such as Xevi Pujolar, since Alonso opened the doors to fans, journalists, companies and sponsors, Spanish engineers proliferate in F1.

One of the last to arrive is Marga Torres, 33, an industrial engineer specialized in mechanics who studied between 2003 and 2010, and always felt inclined to motor competitions.

While studying, she combined the books with raids as a delegate in the rally land championships organized by the Spanish Automobile Federation. Later he studied Erasmus in Paris, at the Higher School of Aeronautical Technicians and Automobile Construction. From there he sailed towards his dream. She was hired by Renault Sport as an engine engineer. And in April 2011 he made the leap to the heart of the engines of Formula 1, the factory of Viry Chatillon, where Renault prepares the thrusters that feed its own team and its customers (formerly Red Bull, now McLaren).

Marga Torres has been working in Brixword since 2014, a few kilometers north of the Silverstone English circuit and the Mercedes central factory in Brackley. The last two years is in charge of the electronic part of the engine that Hamilton drives. . (tagsToTranslate) spanish (t) engineer (t) hamilton


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