Tuesday, 11 Dec 2018

A special police officer killed a man fatally killed in a discount store in Maryland, officials said

Lynh Bui Reporter, a specialist in public security and criminal justice, was murdered Wednesday afternoon by an armed employee, a special police officer who was fired, was shot dead in a discount store, authorities said . Prince George County police identified the man killed in the Seat Pleasant Discount Mart in Maryland, in the name of Joseph Dance, 49. Dance, from Riverdale, was suspected of washing laundry detergent at the store before picking it up at the employee, according to police. Officers were called to the store located in the East 400 block of housing, around 2:20 pm Wednesday and found Dance with a single gunshot wound in the abdomen, police said. He was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. Major Brian Reilly, head of the Criminal Investigation Division of the Prince George Police, said that Dance had been arrested in the store because he was suspected of stealing from a shop window. decanter of liquid laundry detergent. After the store employees took over the laundry detergent, Dance left the store but was arrested a second time, Reilly said Thursday. He was found with a second pitcher of detergent and brought back inside the store, Reilly said. During a "discussion" in the store, Dance attacked the special cop and "began to hit him repeatedly," said Reilly. Mr. Dance was "punched all the time. At that time, the employee showed his handgun during the assault, "said Reilly, and Dance was shot in the belly. The employee has been a special police officer for three years, Reilly said. The employee was in civilian clothes, carrying a firearm on his hip and wearing a badge, police said. The dance was not armed, the police said. By phone Thursday night, a family member of Dance refused to comment. Several people in the store witnessed the incident and surveillance cameras recorded the shooting. The employee was not charged. The case will be presented to a grand jury for review, police said. A woman who answered the phone at Discount Mart Thursday said the store had no comment. Jennifer Jenkins and Rachel Chason contributed to this report. .

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